Finally! June delivers.
  • After having the windiest April and May on record, June could not have come soon enough. We finally were greeted with multiple calm wind days in a row and two successful tanker surfing charters in a row are now in the books! The first June charter netted over 6 straight hours of calm conditions and ships traveling both inbound and outbound during a double tide day. John Benson scored the longest ride of the day that lasted nearly 20 minutes. After getting cocky and deciding to take a lunch break at Topwater Grill, suddenly a 15 knot SW wind quickly chopped up the upper bay and caused what normally would be a 15 minute ride back to be a 40 minute hell ride directly into the disorganized mess of a bay. Payment to the Surf Gods…

    3 days later, after getting over extreme sun exposure, Capt. Fulby accommodated 3 return tanker surf veterans to a day of tanker waves with winds less than 10 knots, that eventually turned completely calm! Surfer John Machol wore a water “resistant” camera around his neck and captured his entire 15 minute wave at Cohiba Shoal. All 3 surfers had previously charterd with Capt. Fulby and all surfed like veterans, until an unusually high tide turned every ship and every surf spot OFF! Fortunately that happened after 7 hours of chasing tankers and surfing every spot from Galveston to Houston…and back!

    John Benson surfing "Cohiba Shoal" in Galveston Bay, Tx.

    June 8th, 2011 | James Fulbright | No Comments

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