Olukai Ohana Experience.
  • Olukai Sandals are the best sandals in the world–hands down. I was fortunate enough to become Galveston’s exclusive dealer of Olukai 3 years ago, thanks to their regional representative Bert Wagner and my belief in their product. Bert is one class act and one of my favorite reps I have worked with in my 26 years of being in the surfing industry as a surf shop owner. When I got a phone call from Bert’s awesome wife, she said that his 60th birthday was coming up. She wanted to do something very special for him and I knew where this was going—-a little “Tanker Love”!!

    We started planning for a family day out in the bay with the Wagner Ohana. Once the weather started to calm down the trip was planned, the boards were waxed, the boat gassed and of course the Olukais were worn!

    Bert-gettin' a good one on Cohiba Shoal--all by his lonesome!

    Wednesday morning at 6am revealed sheet glass on the bay. After a beeline to “Kiddie Pools” and a quick lowdown of the rules and instructions, our 1st ship rounds the corner. Although not a big one, one with potential. Just as we get into position, another fishing boat approaches and we immediately notice a surfboard aboard. As Capt. Fulby gets the crew into their 1st tanker wave, the other boat crosses over the surf zone, makes an aweful wake and drops the surfer on the wave. Thanks for the (lack of) protocal guys! After a short ride and the Wagners getting back aboard Capt. Fulby’s “Surf Bord”, we quickly noticed that the other boat (that snaked us) decides to follow the ship north. We already knew better (thats all that I have to say about that, as Forrest Gump says).

    Next comes the motherlode! Bert catches the wave of waves and experiences what tanker surfing is all about, about 3 miles on a chest high macker, compliments of loads of containers stacked to the sky on the MSC!

    The Wagner boys sharing a good one with an SUP'er at Kiddie Pools.

    The entire day was hot and glassy, with everyone aboard getting their fair share of waves. Yes, we saw a couple of other boats with surfers looking for the holy grail, and yes at times it was a little hectic, crowded and sketchy for someone who has had the place to himself for nearly 15 years, but by later in the afternoon, once everyone had miles of surf under their belts, it mattered not. What did matter was that Bert and his family finally got to experience riding one of the longest waves in North America…mostly to themselves and always with smiles on their faces.

    A big Aloha and Mahalo to the Wagner Ohana. Good job guys!

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