3 From The Big D
  • I try to blog about every group that comes to tanker surf because each and every trip is unique. So is each and every group! The 3 from the big D (Dallas) were 3 surfers who were all stuck working in Dallas but were surfers from Hawaii,Massachusetts and California originally. They all had been planning this trip for some time, but prior emails asking about the unseasonably strong winds in the Galveston/Houston area had them a little on edge (Capt. Fulby too). The date was approaching and the charter a “go” so 2 drove in and 1 flew to Houston Hobby for pick-up the night before. Due to their schedules, one day was about all that they had…very risky but worth it to them to catch the longest waves of their surfing lives.

    Pre dawn "wake" up call.

    Capt. Fulby’s early morning ritual begins with prepping the boat, preparing the food and drinks and most importantly, checking the weather and wind readings. Hearing the wind chimes lighting up outside is enough information for concern. Beachfront wind reports confirmed a 12-15 knot SW wind—OUCH!! Meeting the crew outside the surfshop and seeing the concern in their faces also confirmed that the wind speed was indeed a problem, but wind reports in the bay reflected something completely different, so the charter was a GO. Within an hour, the boys were sampling their 1st tanker wave. The sun had yet to rise.

    Getting a good one at "Indicas".

    Once the crew realized that the weather was fine and the winds were light, they stepped up to the occasion and surfed wave after wave and ship after ship for the next 4 hours. The Capt. got them into waves at 3 different spots, but the best was yet to come!

    The Holy Grail--a big outbound at a secret spot.

    There is a place where it breaks on rare occasions when a fully loaded, big ‘ol outbound passes, on it’s way out to sea. Yes, the crew scored it. Yes, it was their best wave by far. Mission accomplished. A good day and a good bunch of guys. See y’all in Mexico in October gentlemen!! 1st beer’s on me!

    3 from the big D

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