The end of an awesome season!
  • After a long summer of too much wind, not enough rain and no beachfront surf, September and October turned out to be perfect for several groups wanting to catch the wave of their lives! I had several charters in a row that I never blogged about and to them I apologize. Here are some photos of a few of those groups. One group, which are 3 local surfers that have gone out with me at least 4 times , have scored epic conditions, as well as experienced what it was like to get skunked. Yes, you can get skunked on occasion. Over the past 14 years, of all the times my friends and I have gone out, 100’s of times, we have been skunked maybe a half a dozen times. That means either the weather turned nasty and we had to bail before catching any waves, or something happened in the channel that stopped all vessel traffic, or small ships came in during  too high of a tide, or we ended up chasing the wrong ship for 20  miles. Sh (it) happens from time to time, although rare. Another group that came thru towards the end of the summer was particularly interesting…the American Idol film crew! These guys were in Houston during Idol’s talent search and were all surfers from both coasts of the US. They all ended their Houston trip with a very successful tanker surfing excursion. Way to go guys. I want to thank all the groups who booked a charter with us this year. They all were the first groups to enjoy the new 23′ Gulf Coast VS that we traded in the old Whaler for, and they all got to ride all the new surfboards that were provided by our newest sponsor, GSI, Walden Surfboards and Meyerhoffer Surfboards.

    August 29th Group, catching a solid one at "Cohiba".

    Sept. 15th Group-Sheet Glass most of the day. Kirk Droddy's 60th Birthday Charter with friend Randy "Doc" Hillin.

    Andy, Ryan and Dave-The Trifecta ride!

    The American Idol Crew! Good job boys!

    A couple of the American Idol crew riding at "MOM'S". A good way to end the season.

    Dave, Ryan and Andy--The Trifecta crew

    JoJo and John sharing a good one at Mom's Shoal

    JoJo and John, post epic session.Bill Heuman, Ron Orlando and Brent Bechtel-one of the last groups of the summer...lovin' it!

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