Tanker Surfing Season 2012 Heats Up
  • It’s only February and while the water temps in the bay are still in the 50’s, and old man winter is still hanging around, we already have charters booked for April. March is wide open!  People ask me all the time if there is a season for tanker surfing and typically my answer is yes. Let me clarify. The reason for that is all about weather conditions and not about shipping traffic. Our port accommodates more traffic than almost any other port in the country. Every day, 24 hours a day, ships are coming and going from the Port of Houston. That is what makes our area so unique. As far as weather is concerned, tanker surfing here is contingent on wind, or shall I say the lack of wind. Summer here is usually the time where winds are very light a large part of the time. That is why summer is the most consistent time for tanker surfing, and the most pleasant time because of our air and water temps in the summer. We tanker surf year-round because we live here and can drop what we are doing and run out there on the rare day the winds are slack in the winter. Same goes for spring and fall. It is just a little tougher to forecast 3-day windows with light winds outside of summer, so traveling in on specific dates from afar can and will be sketchy and hit and miss.  Getting out in the bay when the water and air are cold is something that we can and will be happy to do. You must be properly prepared as far as wetsuits and clothing go. You have to have the right frame of mind too. If it is windy, that is a deal breaker for obvious and numerous reasons. Someone who surfs year-round in New York or Oregan for example will come here and consider our water temperature  balmy, so it is all about your perspective. If you are in the area, regardless of the time of year, contact me and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are interested in going tanker surfing this season, contact me about when you will be coming. I can take down your information and add you to our stand-by list and possibly put you with another group.

    On a side note, our favorite tanker surfing enthusiast, friend and rocking musical artist Jimmy Buffett was recently spotted sporting our tankersurfcharters.com hat while on-stage in Key West!! Thanks Jimmy! You da Man. I just sent you a fresh one.

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    JB---You Da Man!

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