Hot Summer 2012
  • It has been a good tanker season so far, with a couple of exceptions: One-mucho rain and thunderstorms! Dodging bad weather in the bay is an artform all to it’s own!  Two- I have experienced major motor problems and I have a brand new $21,000.00 Yamaha SHO! On one charter, the water pump just burned up for no apparent reason which forced me to cripple back to the dock and call it an early day. I lost nearly 3 weeks there. If that wasn’t bad enough, 2 weeks after getting the boat back, the shaft in the lower unit sheared while running back from up north. After a long wait and a longer tow, BOAT US got us and the boat back to the launch-nearly 4 hours later. Then another 3 week wait for the boat again. Ultimately, Yamaha honored the warranty. I am not so sure about these Yamaha SHO Outboards though….two potentially catastrophic malfunctions for no reason. It sure looks good though :)

    Highlights from the 2012 Summer Season so far are;

    The return of Kirk Droddy and his crew. Kirk came last season to celebrate his 50th birthday and caught it perfect. This season he again was not disappointed and caught decent weather and waves…just not quite as good as last year (Come back next year amigo)!

    Here are a few photos of other charters this season!! Mahalo to all of the clients!!!!!


    Here comes the sun!

    Bring your slicker!

    July 20th, 2012 | James Fulbright | 1 Comment

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  • Kirk droddy 07.20.2012

    Hey, it was my 60th birthday! I felt younger for a second. Thanks for the fun trips!!

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