What a Great Fall!
  • Here it is November and the holidays are upon us, but the water is still in the 70’s and winds have remained light. The weather  has been great for tanker surfing more so than in previous years. Numerous couples, groups and individuals have been on a tanker surf charter during all of October and interest is still strong in November as well. Tanker surfing is a year round event, but strong easterly flow and even stronger cold fronts are usually the norm, not to mention water and air temps in the 60’s. As long as winds are less than 10 knots, pretty much regardless of direction, tanker surfing is an option. Here are a few shots from October- Do not hesitate to contact us for a fall/winter charter…just bring plenty of dry/warm clothing and a wetsuit or two!

    An epic glassy morning.

    Plenty of action in the bay, including dumb asses in boats

    Capt. Fulby getting one!

    Capt. Hill cuttin' up Mom's Shoal

    Eh Brah-off my wave...say's the dolphin!

    Some happy surfers--back for more!

    Look behind you..outside!

    November 5th, 2012 | James Fulbright | 2 Comments

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  • Robert Twing 11.05.2012

    So, what are yall charging for a day of Tanker Surfing? Email me. Very interested!

  • James is a great guy and awesome to hang out with on the boat. I would highly recommend his charters. He has put tons of money, time, experience into his trips and keeps everyone very safe. You can really tell that watching surfers enjoy a perfect 10-15 min chest high wave is truly his passion.

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